Today most of the activities and businesses have a constant need of customized software. This demand comes from any department of any company: from accounting to R&D, from production to IT and so on… Big companies have full time programmers who write custom software for the different needs, but smaller activities must to do a continuous recourse to external software houses and programmers with really high costs.
On the other side, besides the software development companies and professional programmers who provide services for third, there is a huge number of students, hobbyists and amateur programmers who have the abilities to write codes even if it is not their principal activity.

Basycode has been born with the aim to meet the needs of both programmers and customers. We want to create a marketplace where any people and company with skills for writing code can become vendors and have a showcase with a user friendly platform to sell their products or also share for free. At the same time customers can buy the software and the codes they need at much cheaper costs than having to commission them to software development companies.
Basycode doesn’t limit products for sale to a specific programming language or application, but is an open webmarket for every code: c, c++, Python, Java, Javascript, Linux, Matlab, Modelica, Visual Basic, Excel Macros, Android, iOS… Our vendors can sell codes, scripts, functions, apps and executable files.

Basycode also has an active community and a forum where customers can ask our vendors to write customized programs for their specific needs.
Subscribe to Basycode, start earning money selling your codes or download our products saving money.

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